Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

Automation anywhere is a robotic process product that can be used to automate manual efforts to do transactions or processes. If you have landed a job invitation in this field, you will need to prepare for the interview. You need to be composed and most importantly, you need to be prepared that you are going to be asked some questions during the interview. If you can be prepared on the expected questions you will find it very easy. In this article we have prepared you some of the most common automation anywhere interview questions as well as their answers. The interview can go smoothly if you check out the following questions and walk into the room with confidence.

1. What are the unique features of automation anywhere?

The following are some of the unique features of automation anywhere.

  • Intelligent automation for IT and business tasks.
  • Create automation in a matter of minutes, record mouse and keyboard strokes or you can use easy point and click wizards.
  • Unique SMART automation tech. it really automate pretty fast and no skills in programming are required!
  • It can be distributed to other computers with ease with the help of SMART exe capability for premier as well as enterprise editions.
  • Web recorder/ web data extraction.
  • It has very powerful scheduling as well as auto login and you can run tasks at any time and the good thing is that you can still run the tasks even when the computer is locked.
  • You can use automation anywhere practically from anywhere to automate scripts that are in various disparate.
  • It has more awesome features such as fast speeds, task chaining, hotkey, automatic email and notifications among many others.
  • It has over 270 actions some of them including conditional, database internet, system, and file management among many others.

2. What are the capabilities of automation anywhere?

Automation has a lot of capabilities and it can reduce lots of tasks just with a single keystroke and some of these capabilities include:

  • Data transfer.
  • Web tasks.
  • Business processes.
  • Data import from any application to any other application. The same thing can happen when it comes to files.
  • Data can be entered way faster and so the formatting is also fast.
  • Web data extraction.
  • System as well as IT tasks.
  • Automated software testing as well as web testing. Automated FTP.
  • Batch data processing.
  • Automation anywhere can integrate disparate scripts or it can replace the scripts that already exist.
  • Job scheduling.

3. List the benefits of using automation anywhere.

Ans. Benefits of automation anywhere are :

  • Automation anywhere is very easy to use.
  • Automation anywhere helps eliminate the errors that comes along with human beings.
  • Automation anywhere do increase the speed of transaction by a big margin.
  • Automation anywhere helps save time as well as costs which is the goal of any company.
  • Automation anywhere is made of technology that you can rely on and it is normally very accurate.

4. What are the system requirements?

The requirements for Automation anywhere include the following:

  • You need to have a supported operating system.
  • Your machine or computer needs to have a random access memory (RAM) of 4 GB and above.
  • The installation space is 100 MB so your hard disk needs to have that space.
  • 1024 by 768 or above resolution monitor. Intel Pentium i5 or has i7 that have 3.0 GHz or above.
  • Windows server 2003, windows 7, windows 2008 R2 and windows 10 as well as windows 10+
  • The browser Microsoft explorer 6.0 or later versions.
  • For enterprise client component.

5. How can I record a task using automation anywhere?

Answer: Recording a task using Automation anywhere is pretty simple and anyone can practically do it. All you need is use the SMART task recorder and then click the record button, then perform the captivities to be recorded and when you are done press stop and finally save the activities you have been recording. If you want to see the activities you have recorded, you can simply select the task and then press run and you will be good to go.

6. Does it really matter if the window size and the location of the app change between recording and running?

Answer: It does not matter if the window size and location of the application change between the recording and running. Automation anywhere tech will automatically adjust to the changes of the window as well as to the changes of the location of the application.

7. Can Automation anywhere work if the computer is locked? And can you record a task in order to unlock the computer?

Answer : Yes, Automation anywhere can work even if your computer is locked because it does offer secure auto login technology. The auto login technology allows the tasks that were running to continue even after the computer has been locked. Once you schedule a task, you can go ahead and enable the auto login technology so that it can work even when you have locked the computer. And if the auto login is enabled and the computer is locked, Automation anywhere will go ahead and unlock the computer, run the task and then lock it as it was!

8. Will it be possible to execute a task in stealth when the computer is locked?

Yes, it is very possible to execute a task on stealth mode even when the computer is locked. To do this, you will need to enable the task so that it can be able to run on stealth mode. Check the properties security and run it on stealth mode option. For the task to run even when the computer is locked, you will need to enable the auto login capabilities. The auto login capabilities normally allow the tasks that have been scheduled to run even after the computer has been locked.

9. Does Automation Anywhere require coding?

Answer : No Automation anywhere tool does not require much coding. It is normal workflow based with drag & drop features. Hence it is easy to use for someone who does not have experience in coding.

10. What is the purpose of user variable in Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere has many types of variables that can be defined for each task or bots. As you build automation tasks, the scripts that are generated can lend themselves to using variables to track or modify the value of a field or data point.

11. How many recorders does Automation Anywhere have?

Ans: There are three types of recorders in Automation Anywhere.

12. Is Automation Anywhere easy to learn?

Answer. It is very easy to learn. There are many tutorials and blogs where you can easily learn Automation Anywhere

13. What is IQ Bot in Automation Anywhere?

Answer: IQ Bot automates business processes that rely on semi-structured or unstructured data hidden in electronic documents, images, emails, and more. IQ Bot leverages multiple AI techniques to intelligently digitize and extract data to make your RPA and/or OCR technology even more effective.

14. Which RPA tool is best?

Answer: There are many Automation tools in the market :

  • Blue Prism
  • UiPath
  • Automation Anywhere

Out of these Automation Anywhere has extended capabilities and used by many enterprises.

15. Is coding required for RPA?

Answer: RPA does not need programming skills but good analytical skills. People with any subject expertise can be trained to automate RPA processes quikcly using the tool. RPA avoids complexity and risk. The application robots access to end users systems is via a controlled user interface, hence reducing the necessity of underlying systems programming.

16. What is a MetaBot in Automation Anywhere?

A MetaBot is an independent, reusable logic block. Use MetaBots for common user interface operations, such as logging on to a system, that several bots perform, or for common functions, such as manipulating data, implemented in DLL libraries. For information about creating a MetaBot, see Creating a MetaBot.

17. What is ROI in Automation Anywhere?

Answer: Automation Anywhere reduces human effort. It digitizes back office operation processes. Most of the enterprises have given their ROI in deploying Automation Anywhere tool to recover in 1 year and over 5 year time it saves the effort of few people.

18. What are the valid trigger type in Automation Anywhere?

Answer : There are many trigger types in Automation anywhere. Some of them are :

  • Schedule Trigger
  • File System Trigger
  • Email Trigger
  • Database Trigger
  • Sharepoint Trigger
  • Keyboard Trigger
  • Window Trigger
  • Service Trigger
  • Performance Trigger
  • Event Log Trigger

19. Which one is better UiPath or automation anywhere?

Answer: Both have their own pros and cons. While Automation Anywhere is more script based, while UIPath is more visual and workflow based. You would need little bit of programming skills to work on Automation Anywhere. UiPath Robotic process automation have wonderful drag and drop features which is easily understandable and easy to use. Moreover the documentation from UiPath is freely available hence user can learn more. Automation anywhere is more enterprise driven and have yielded great reuslts for large customers.

20. What is a bot in Automation Anywhere?

Bots are part of any RPA tool including Autoation anywhere. Bots perform tasks. There are various kinds of bots in automation anywhere :

  • TaskBots : Mainly used for front-end automation. Best for repetitive, rules-based tasks that rely on structured data
  • Metabots: Mainly used for facilitating scalability with next-generation integratio. Best for complex & scalable processes

21. What is task Bot in Automation Anywhere?

Answer: The Task Bots are the core of automation which execute repetitive rule-based tasks. These tasks are easy to build and can execute multi-step processes with no errors. If you wish to create a Task Bot, you can use the New or Record button from the Automation Anywhere Client.

22. What is difference between blue prism and Automation Anywhere?

Answer: Both blue prism and automation anywhere have the accessibility that is only application based. The process design of automation anywhere is script-based. On the other hand, the blue prism has complete control and visual process designer. When it comes to pricing, automation anywhere has a high rate cost for deployment.

23. What is smart recorder in Automation Anywhere?

Answer: Automation Anywhere makes advanced automation easy. With intelligent task recorder, web recorder, visualize technology and easy to use deployment tools you can automate and deploy any task within minutes.

24. Which recorder is least recommended in Automation Anywhere?

Answer: Automation Anywhere offers 3 types of recorders namely Smart Recorder, Web Recorder and Screen/Standard Recorder. Smart Recorder is used for desktop applications while Web recorder is used for Web-based applications. The least recommended one is Screen Recorder.

25. What is the purpose of user variable in Automation Anywhere?

Answer: Automation Anywhere is designed with various types of variables that can be defined for each task. As you build automation tasks, the scripts that are generated can lend themselves to using variables to track or modify the value of a field or data point.

26. Which framework is used in Automation Anywhere software?

Ans: Selenium is a framework for the test suite in the automation anywhere approach. Selenium is open-source, and it is useful for automating mobiles and web environments. This framework provides enhanced support for programming languages, including PHP, Perl, Python, and Java.

27. What is a MetaBot in Automation Anywhere?

Answer: Meta Bots are automation building blocks that help you scale. They are “app resilient,” meaning that any time an application updates or changes, you make minimal edits to the bot itself, and those changes then automatically apply to any process utilizing that bot. Low maintenance and easy to use, Meta Bots help increase RPA adoption, reduce downtime, and ensure control over complex, enterprise-wide automation.

28. Who owns Automation Anywhere?

Answer:  Automation Anywhere was originally founded as Tethys Solutions, LLC in San Jose, California by Ankur Kothari, Mihir Shukla, Neeti Mehta, and Rushabh Parmani. The company re-branded itself as Automation Anywhere, Inc. in 2010.

We hope the above questions are going to help you prepare for the job interview and on the D day you are going to kill it! Good luck in your job interview.