Dental School Interview Questions – Preparation & Sample Answers

You feel like you have a passion of becoming a dentist? Well, it is the best thing to go for your passion. Being a dentist is a very noble profession that many of us envy, wishing we should have joined at first. What you should know about dental school before you join is that there is an interview you will have to go through to join, it is like the second part after application for you to be admitted in the school. Apart from your qualifications, you will have to respond to dental school interview questions which will have to show if you are fit to take dental medicine or not, the skills mostly assessed are communication skills, self-confidence and the passion you have for the course.

Getting into dental school is not the easiest task on earth. You need to prepare for months to attend the exam that you need to pass to get into the school, but it is not enough if you pass the exam, you must also be prepared for the interview at the school. It is best that you research the school that is interviewing you and gain an insight into them. This will let you know about the format of the dental school interview questions while also enabling you to answer the questions they might pose about the school. It is essential and you are confident in yourself while delivering the answers.

First let’s check how you can prepare for this kind of interview to make sure you achieve these qualities the interviewers are looking for;

  • Find out what the course is all about

This is the very key thing the interviewers will want to know, do you know anything about dental health care? Also do you know anything about that specific program offered in the institution? You can always search for relevant information about that, you can also visit the institution website and check on the information that is contained there

  • Prepare for the questions.

The very definite thing is that you will be asked some basic dental school interview questions which you will have to respond to for you to complete your registration. Depending on the specific school, the interview can be conducted as a panel on one on one interview. You can practice by doing mock interviews to make sure that you are confident enough to take the interview.

  • Dress impressively

This sounds odd but it is very important, first when you are well dressed you will be confident enough, confidence is the major aspect that is under test in this interview so it may be a good plus for you.

Here are some of the most common and most important dental school interview questions that you will expect when you go for the interview in a dental school and their possible sample answers that you can follow just as a guideline to respond. All the answers have been discussed along with sample answers and strategy. Hence it is crucial that prepare for these dental school interview questions beforehand to increase your chances of getting selected in the interview.

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1. Why do you want to do dentistry?

I have always observed a lot of people dealing with a lot of dental issues which have landed them into pain and all sorts of discomfort, from the statistics you can tell that there are less dentists compared to nurses and doctors, this is the reason I felt I should join this field to become part of the solution for dental health and also to help inform more people about the importance of dental health. This has turned out to be my passion too

2. Do you know anything about dentistry?

Yes, since it is my passion I have always wanted to know what dentistry is all about, I discovered that it is just a science that explores dental care and the dental hygiene. It includes diagnosing before treating the patient. Dentistry is a combination of various concepts which include; dental surgery, dental cosmetics, anesthesia among other things. The profession includes all knowledge that is related to teeth and gums and how to deal with the infections and the disorders in the dental system.

3. What challenges do you know that face dentistry and how can you deal with them?

The challenges that face dentistry include; few qualified dentists in the field to take care of growing population that needs dental care attention, a solution to this would possibly be to work extra hard to try to cope up with the developing pressure, another challenge is failure to offer the best services by dental care practitioners, as a dentist I will make sure that I offer the best services according to my knowledge because this is my passion so I wouldn’t relax on my job

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I think I have strengths when it comes to honesty, patience and kindness, I believe these qualities can be very important in this dentistry field to achieve my goals in helping people. On the other side I don’t really regard them as weaknesses as such, however, I am quite frank with the truth and I won’t hesitate telling you that I am feeling uncomfortable about a certain thing, another thing is that I am not very good with too much pressure, it somehow gets me confused so I prefer better communication than exerting unnecessary pressure while working. Even though all this can be adjusted with time according to the environment so it is not really a big problem on my part.

5. Why do you want to join this institution in particular?

The very first thing that drew me to this school is the educational standards, I mean everyone would want the best, that is the core reason for my application to this school, however there are other things that have contributed too like the facilities that are available in this school like the laboratories, the classrooms, the hostels among many others, another thing is the link this school has to the dental hospital, this is so important because we will get to know how the real dentistry world works, we get also to gain first-hand experience through interaction with the patients and the staff.


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6. Have you had any major dental work done to you? How was your experience as a patient? Was it enjoyable?

 You can answer this question by discussing the experiences you had with the dentist as a kid. You can even talk about your favourite dentist. It is best to keep this answer simple and positive.

 When I was 10 years old I started wearing braces. My dentist was a very nice man who helped me keep my nerves at control. He has a very cool office with a reception that had many of the comics I liked at the time. He even let me choose the color of my elastics, which I found to be very exciting. This man showed me how to take care of my teeth and mainly why I should take care of my teeth. I hope to do the same to people in the future

7. We are looking for students who have a deep passion for dentistry. What is the thing about dentistry that appeals and interests you the most?

Interviewers want to know what fires you the most about dentistry. It is the passion for the subject that will keep you going through the tough days in school. This a personal question, and it best that you dig deep into you and tell them what has truly driven you into the field of dentistry. Make sure that the interviewer is able to feel your passion.

Many things over the years have driven my passion for dentistry over the years. My most important drive though would be my desire to provide quality health hygiene. I see many people not getting good enough dental care even though they visit the dentist, I want to be a person whom people can depend on for quality dental service. I truly believe that proper oral health is necessary for every human.

8. Why did you choose our university and what do you know about it?

This question is asked to see how committed you are to getting into their university. Interviewers see hundreds of candidates every day and this will be a golden opportunity for you to stand out. Ensure that you research about the university so that you are aware of their various programs and culture. Know what they stand for so that you will be able to answer the question appropriately.

My university is among the longest standing universities in the country, this is indicative of my elevated learning and the dedication I have towards the community. I have also put in a lot of effort throughout the years to ensure that your graduates get placed in respectable institutions. My college consists of students from various cultures which I think will help me get a better understanding of the world. Thus it is very clear that I have gone through good education and go above and beyond your call of duty to prepare your students for the real world.

9. Which dentistry related journals or publications do you read to keep yourself up to date on the latest dental discoveries and events?

Like any industry, dentistry is also evolving through the ages. The interviewer will want to know how much of an interest you have in being up to date with the industry. You could talk about some dental journals you read and discuss how the internet has helped you keep track of the latest developments. Asking questions to your interviewer about his sources will help keep the conversation interesting.

I have subscribed to Dentistry today and the Journal of the American Dental Association. These magazines help me satiate my occasional cravings for knowing what is up with the dental world. I also follow many online threads and websites to keep me updated. I tend to diversify my sources of information to ensure that I don’t get biased. Could you give me a few alternate sources?

10. What has been your most important achievement on your journey towards dental school?

 This is the time when you can truly showcase your achievements and skills to impress the interviewer and set yourself apart from the crowd. Think of any accolades you have received over the years. Maybe you were the topper of your class in school or maybe you were exceptional in school even while working a part-time job. Look into your past and see in which moment you shined the most.

The most important achievement of my life till now has been completing my undergraduate with an exceptional CGPA. I was able to maintain good grades while I was the president of the events management club and working part-time. My undergrad really tested my ability to manage my time effectively and I am proud to say that I rose to the occasion and was successful in reaching all the goals I had set for myself. I grew a lot during my undergrad and at the end of it I came out as a better version of myself. That is why my undergrad is my proudest achievement until now.


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To sum up this, when you are done with the application and you are entering the interview stage, make sure that you gather as much information as you can, having information is having confidence, the second thing is that you have to go through sample dental school interview questions like the ones above and more others to get familiar with the atmosphere of the interviews so that you can’t be nervous due to familiarity. Finally, as an aspiring dental student, you should search the information about the school you are going for interview to, the interviewer will always want to know if you know anything about their school.

Dental School Interview Questions And Answers PDF

You can also download dental interview questions and answers pdf from the link below :

Dental School Interview Questions

Hope the above will help you in preparing for dental school interviews.