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HR interview round is one the last interview rounds for any job profile. It is important to be prepared for HR interview questions that and make a lasting impression. While most of the people take this lightly it is always advisable and important to go through a list of few important HR interview questions and at least relate those with your work experience to find related scenarios. That way you can be confident of delivering a great performance in your interviews. Below we have compiled, the list of 70+ popular HR Interview questions for you to go through & prepare for your next move !  

Q1. Where you want to be in next 5 years ?

Ans. In next 5 years , I see growing myself in area of HR and atleast expert in few areas like recruitment, operations, learning & development etc. With the advancement, I would also like to take up challenging opportunities to lead a team of resources under me and guide them in my expertise so that they take part in overall growth of the company. The motive for me would be to grow personally as well as become an asset to the company and keep learning.

Q2. Why did you choose HR ?

Ans. HR is one the understated department in any organisation and also most integral to the organisation. People tend to believe HR is only about hiring and firing but its way much more than that. I have done my MBA in HR and understood the basic concepts and main functions within the HR. I joined my first organisation as HR associate and been 5 years now that I have learned a lot in HR and still I feel that there is always scope to do better. Hence I choose HR and want to grow my career in same field.

Q3. Which function of HR are you interested in and why ?

Ans. I have had experience in few functions of HR such as hiring & recruitment, operations & partly in L&D. I had a great time in L&D as I feel it is one of the HR area which if done correctly help employees in building up their skills. I want to expand my horizons in this area as I feel confident in charting plans for stepping up skill set and help grow the company.

Q4. Why do you want to leave current organisation?

Ans. I want to take on additional & challenging responsibilities which my current role does not offer. I was not satisfied and also escalated the same issue to my supervisor and senior managers. Unfortunately the response from them was not in line with my expectations and they asked me to continue do the same thing which I was doing for last 2 years. Hence I want to change & take on challenges which you are offering.

Q5. Why do you want to work with us ?

Ans. XYZ is one of the best places to work for and I do not want to miss the opportunity to experience the same. I have heard good feedback about the company culture and the work profile and very impressed with the same. These are the reasons why I want to work with you.

Q6. Are you open to reallocate anywhere ?

Ans. I am very keen to work with the Company and on this role and I am open to relocate to any location but if given a preference, I would like to be given an opportunity to work anywhere.

Q7. What does an HR professional need to always maintain irrespective of role or company ?

Ans. Any HR professional needs to maintain an image of a trustworthy, unbiased, knowledgeable custodian of Company values who is always accessible to employees and Management.

Q8. Let me know about your experience details ?

I have multi-facted experience in various sub-functions of HR; including Employee life cycle management including: Manpower planning, Talent acquisition, Talent development, rewards management, etc. I also ensure that I keep myself updated on all latest trends in HR and Employee engagement.

Q9. How do you rate yourself to be fit to enter this industry ?

Ans.I have researched about the Company in detail and find that the work values and the culture of the Organization is closely aligned with my work style preferences. I find that the nature of work is very challenging and it would be a great learning experience for me. I also feel after a very objective and unbiased assessment of my competencies and potential, that I will be a very good fit for this role. I am looking for a long term association with the Company.

Q10. Tell about your knowledge in HR ?

Ans. I always ensured that I develop the right balance of theorical knowledge, awareness of HR trends and pragmatic knowledge. I regularly read books, journals and research articles from leading HR and Business publications. I am also an active member through which I get opportunities to interact with the Gurus in my field as well as peer group HR professionals from various organizations. I also seek projects and participation in any special projects/ HR initiatives within the Company so that I can widen my practical and applied knowledge on the topic.

Q.11 Would you wait for and Hours and Hours for the interview ?

Ans. I understand Organizational urgencies may sometimes derail a plan. I am very keen to be considered for this profile and waiting for the Interview process to commence is may way of displaying my interest in working for your Company and this role. I am sure the Hiring Team is doing the best they can.

Q12. What are your future plans ?

Ans. In the next few years, I wish to establish my roots and credibility within the organisation and develop my competence as a subject matter expert in some critical areas of HRM. I am confident of being one of the best contributors and performers and that the organisation will provide me suitable opportunities to learn and grow, looking at my commitment and potential.

Q13. What salary hike are you expecting ?

Ans. My compensation package in my current company is X$ and the monthly gross is Y$ . I have a variable component Z$ . I am looking for a suitable hike in my compensation per company terms/ I am looking for 30% hike which is a very reasonable ask as per my experience and requirements for this job profile, I see myself as complete hit and will be valuable asset to your organisation.

Q14. Would you be able to sustain in this Job  ?

Ans. I am a keen and fast learner. I will utilize my previous experience on various aspects of HRM and skills that I am taught during my employment to enhance my competency in this field.

Q.15 What have you learned from your experiences ?

Ans. I have multi-facted experience in various sub-functions of HR; including Employee life cycle management including: Manpower planning, Talent acquisition, Talent development, rewards management, etc. I also ensure that I keep myself updated on all latest trends in HR and Employee engagement.

Q16. Tell me about your negotiation skills ?

Ans. Negotiation skills and problem solving are very essential skills in HR which involves acting as a Message conveyor, impartial and unbiased judge in cases of conflict, etc. Negotiation skills are very important to derive consensus during decision making. I believe in looking at various view points and data collection to make objective decisions. I also involve experts and the opinion of appropriate professional authorities in such processes

Q.17 Tell me about your current roles and responsibilities ?

Ans. My current role and my initiative has been key in ensuring that I am able to work on projects that touch different aspects of HR Management. I have also had experience of working with various levels of hierarchy within the HR Management chain and very closely with some of the best Business Leaders.

Q.18 Tell me about your Summer internship ?

Ans. My Summer Internship project was based on a very challenging aspect of Employee life cycle management. I was mentored by a senior manager in the HR Leadership team and the project involved talking to a wide section of the Company employees, Management members and some research on the topic. I used statistical analysis tools to analyse the survey and interview inputs collected and based my recommendations on the same. The same were discussed by the HR Leadership and some recommendations were implemented.

Q.19 What are the challenges in HR ?

Ans. Working with any team demands that the HR professional understands the team well, the HR support they require, their unique points, etc. The Sales Team is also an example and I have some exposure of working with similar teams in the past which I strongly believe will help me to fit well into the role and perform per your expectations.

Q.20 What do you do if hiring manager does not turn up ?

Ans. I would seek another opportunity to be interviewed by the Hiring Manager citing my skills that align with the job requirement, my extensive experience and my work values which resonate with that of the Organization.

Q.21 What can you do for us that other candidates can’t ?

Ans. Well, I can’t possibly tell what others candidates are capable of but I know what I am. I may not always be the hardest worker, orthe most skilled one. But, I am always the most enthusiastic and motivated one. That makes the best in the long run, because my drives can make me go further than anybody else

Q.22 What are your hobbies ?

Ans. Obviously I don’t have so much time for my hobbies, but I try to spend at least 2 hours every day either reading or doing some physical activity. I am lucky when I get to do both. I believe engaging your body as well as your mind and spirit is very important and I enjoy spending time in the nature.

Q.23 How will you become value addition to our organisation ?

Ans. The biggest value I will bring is my personality. I am very extroverted, I like to engage other people. motivate them and help them grow. If I am on your team, you will see the difference, and you will be able to notice how the mood is better.

Q.24 Why do you are prefer our organisation over others ?

Ans. I have heard a lot of great things about your company and when I checked your website I knew I had to apply. Your core values regarding quality and customer satisfaction are something I relate to deeply. I believe that that kind of attitude makes you one of the most desirable company on the market.

Q.25 What are the areas you have worked on ?

Ans. I participated in a lot of induction processes, and they can vary a lot. For me personally the best way is to spend a couple of days investing time and energy in the new employee, both in technical and company knowledge and in people relations. This is proven strategy.

Q.26 What would you bring to the table and how do you deal with challenges ?

Ans. I think each person is unique and has their own particular set of skills. For me that is definitely how proactive and engaged I am. My job is an important part of who I am, so I take things seriously and show great dedication. When faced with a challenge I do my very best to overcome it, and I don’t stop until I have succeeded.

Q.27 What are your reasons for seeking job change ?

Ans. I am seeking a job change not because there is some big issue in my previous company but because I believe I would be able to grow better in a different environment. The leadership of our company has created a strategy that isn’t allowing me to fully use my strengths and knowledge. That is why I am looking for a challenge.

Q.28 Why do you want to do HR ?

Ans. I have at least a little experience in almost all of the departments so I know that HR is the best option for me. I want to dedicate my time building people up, choosing the best person for a particular position, creating rewards system, and making sure everyone gets the growth they need.

Q.29 How do you define yourself ?

Ans. I define myself as someone who is an achiever and and influencer. I like setting goals for myself and I like the process of achieving them. I always try to set goals that are a bit difficult to achieve because that’s when I feel more accomplished. I define myself as an influencer because I believe I have this effect on people, especially those who know me.

Q.30 How much experience you have ?

Ans.  have five years of experience as a Senior Human Resources Manager. Prior to that, I have 4 years of working as a Senior Recruiter in my previous company. I am confident to say that I have knowledge and experience in the different facets of HR. I am able to manage and lead people. I have good time management and problem solving skills.

Q.31 What you know about recruitment ?

Ans. I have end to end experience and exposure with recruitment. I have 4 years of backround on interviewing, resume screening, scheduling, as well as some knowldge of drafing offers and background checking. I have experience collaborating and supporting the hiring managers’ teams and other recruitment support staff to fill positions open in the company.

Q.32 Do you believe in useless things like work life balance ?

Ans. I don’t think work-life balance is a useless thing. Personally, I think it’s very important for employees and I would advocate for it should I get considered. It’s something that will give the workers time for their family and for themselves so I don’t think it’s a bad thing. As for the executives job, it’s fine with me. Doing more work shouldn’t be a problem. Regarding the salary dip, it’s also fine with me as long as it is still within the range of what I’m looking for. I am serious in finding opportunities provided that I also get compensated fairly.

Q.33 How much pressure can you handle ?

Ans. I am able to handle enough pressure even in a fast paced environment. I think if you’re going to measure it, the pressure should still be within the healthy range for a work environment. Anyone would feel burnout if given too much pressure. The environment should contribute to make the person achieve the goal and not to add more pressure.

Q.34 Tell me something about yourself which is not there in the CV ?

Ans. I could tell you about my hobbies. During weekends, I usually spend my time watching movies and walking my dogs outside. Sometimes, I meet up with my friends to catch up. Just simple things. I don’t really like doing tiring activities on weekends as I try to preserve my energy and relax for another work week ahead.

Q.35 What is organisation culture ?

Ans. Organisation culture is the collective values and beliefs of the people and the company itself. To out it simply, when you are a new hire in a company, it’s the things that you discover the longer you stay there. It’s the outlook of your teammates, of how the team does and solves things, and their values in life. It’s how the company values its people. It’s how people act when they’re inside the building and even outside of it.

Q.36 How do you think you will add value to this role ?

Ans. I think people working in a company as big and as successful as yours can understand that every person brings value to the company and has something unique about them. The best companies grow when they properly asses the talents of their employees. What I bring to the table is definitely creativity and enthusiasm. I am young, very eager to learn andv motivated to prove myself. Which is why I belive I would be a great addition to your team.

Q.37 What are your Career Goals and How long will you stay committed with the company ?

Ans. My long term career goal is to be an HR Executive Director. I want to pursue and succeed in the HR field so that’s what I’m trying to achieve right now. As for the commitment, provided that I have room for growth and advancement, I would like to stay in the company for at least 10 years.

Q.38 How passionate are you for doing this Job ?

Ans. To be honest, the one thing that drives my entire career has been passion. After my studies and short experiments with different fields I realized that HR is most definitely the path I want to follow. I worked in recruitment, administration and training and development, I have a lot of experience and the desire to implement it.

Q.39 What animal would you relate yourself to ?

Ans. I know most people like to say very masculine, forceful asociations, such as lions, pumas or even dragons, but to be quite frank I mostly relate myself to owls. I work well in situations where others have no clear vision, I base my answers on thought out research and investigation, I value wisdom, experience and calmness, I work well under pressure.

Q.40 Describe challenges in your assignments ?

Ans. Well, I think that the best in worst thing in any job are the people.If they are cooperative and tolerant they can make any type of work feel like vacation. If they are not, they can make a mess even out of the most simple tasks. This is why I believe HR is so important, and this has always been a challenge in my previous positions, one I’ve overcome succesfully.

Q.41 Why should we hire you ?

Ans. You should hire me because I share the same values as this company, and I identify with its mission. I am not interested in finding some other job, I am interested in working here. I have learned about your company and I believe my experience and characteristics could be very valuable. I am dedicated, passionate and hard-working, and I hope you will give me the chance to prove it.

Q.42 Do you see yourself as a team player ?

Ans. I think the best way to show that you are a team player isn’t to always put team first, but to assess what are the needs of that exact team. Then you can see if the team needs more structure and guidance, or a more relaxed attitude, or more benefits. The way I show how important team is for me is to always choose the option that most people find comfortable and then sit down with people who don’t, in order to hear their side, and to make sure they feel valued and appreciated.

Q.43 Where do you see yourself 3 years down the line ?

Ans. 3 years down the line I would like to be in the same company, but on the next position, I would like to improve the culture and the processes, and to create a better working environment for all of my coworkers. I would like to create an atmosphere where people trust HR and see as a significant tool for their career and improvement.

Q.44 What kind of person you are- Aggressive or Submissive ? If aggressive then prove it ?

Ans. I believe that we both have these two types or personalities inside of us, but one prevails more often than the other. For me, aggressive is the dominant trait, but not in a way you would expect. I am not physically or verbally aggressive, which is never acceptable. What I am is aggressive when it comes to taking responsibility, making tough choices, having to decide, lead and work hard.

Q.45 Do you think your performance is over rated by the management in your previous organisation ?

Ans. Regarding my performance rating, I think I was rated fairly. Before coming up with an overall score, our managers usually discuss the initial results of our assessment to us to check if there is something we would like to dispute or if there was something that we did and they weren’t in the evaluation. They verify it with us to make sure that we were on the same page. I was able to discuss that with my manager so I think it was fairly rated.

Q.46 How did you manage to work with a particular manager considering his behaviour and attitude towards you ?

Ans. I just took it professionally. I treated him with utmost professionalism but I also made sure that there wasn’t going to be any foul play. You would often encounter managers like that especially when you’re moving up with the career ladder. When I decided to progress, I kind of expected that there will be people whom I might not get along with very well. For me, it doesn’t really matter if we get along on a personal level as long as we are able to work professionally and can achieve good results.

Q.47 What are your strengths and weakness ?

Ans. I was never entirely sure how to answer this question, and how to evaluate myself. Which is why I asked my bosses and colleagues what do they think of me. They told me that my biggest strength is that I am a very good people person, team player, reliable and smart. They also told me that sometimes I takes criticism harshly, and that I could work on my presentation skills. So, I guess that is who I am, because I must say that I agree.

Q.48 How would you describe yourself ?

Ans. Before I came to this interview, I thought a lot about my general profile, because I want to give an honest answer. And what I concluded after a bit of sef-reflecting is that I rely a lot on other people and enjoy working in a team. I have no problem taking the leadership role, when required. I also enjoy challenges, and obstacles that make you grow and develop. I have also realized that I don’t perform so good when I don’t communicate well with my direct superior.

Q.49 When you have no source and no one is going to help you what you do ?

Ans. If that’s the case, then I think I have no choice but to do trial and error to do the process. I’m going to have to do it with the general idea that I have with the process then try it out. If it doesn’t work, I might have to make a few changes or adjustments then have a go at again. I’m just going to repeat the process until I’m able to do it correctly and successfully.

Q.50 What are your expectations of the role ?

Ans. For this role, some of my expectations would be to support the HR Manager in aspects like training, recruitment, and also with overseeing other employees. I expect to be more involved with the employees and providing them support or assistance that they may need in any way.

Q.51 What is meant by hr learning and development ?

Ans. HR Learning and Development is a facet of HR that focuses on improving the skills and knowledge of both new and experienced employees. An important aspect of it is training and development. The training that will be offered must be cost-effective and according to the company’s needs. It must aim to improve skills and knowledge that will be useful to the job roles of the employees and also for their future endeavors.

Q.52 Are you willing to travel extensively and on short notice ?

Ans. Yes, I am willing. I have read in the job description that this position would require some travel and I really don’t mind. I am quite flexible and would be able to adapt even if it is on a short notice. I have experience with travelling for work before, but I think not as much as this one, but it should be okay. There would be no problem on that.

Q.53 Are you good at valuing your time? Will you value the company’s time and opportunity ?

Ans. I think I am good with valuing and managing my time. At first I struggled with it before but after some times, I just got used to it. It takes discipline to strictly follow schedule. Of course, I would. I value the company’s time as much as I value mine. I follow it strictly, too. I think that’s very important. It makes everything organised and followed accordingly.

Q.54 Where do you see yourself in five years professionally ?

Ans. In five years, I see myself working as the HR Director. I’d like to advance as high up as I can. I’d like to explore the upper management level of the HR Department. I would like to be working closely on the plans and innovations for the company to make the employees’ experience better.

Q.55 Do an organisation really need HR policies to be framed ?

Ans. Yes, I believe so. I believe these HR Policies are very essential to the company. They make the employees feel secure and safe. They make the employees feel that the company values them as humans and not just as workers. They also align everything accordingly and also make problems easier to address and resolve.

Q.56 Who do you love most in your family ?

Ans. It’s family – I love everyone I call family. But if I had to choose whom I love the most, it’s probably my father. I’ve always been close to him and he has great influence on my values as a person.

Q.57 How do you handle situation when employee gets irritated ?

Ans. Everyone can be a good HR when dealing with easy employees that cause no trouble. But you can only thrive and grow when facing challenges. When an employee is agitated, it helps to know them better, which is why HR should invest time into getting to know the employees. Then you should make sure they are cool and collected before you proceed. You should explain the problem in a calm way, but you should always say the entire truth.

Q.58 What did you take action to make employees in discipline ?

Ans. Discipline always comes from respect so before we punish employees we should make sure that their superiors are doing their best. Although the usual practice is to punish the employee who misbehaves a better tactic is to reward the employees that do follow the rules. This will cause a much bigger impact. For example if everyone arrived on time but one person rather than making him stay late, you should let everybody else leave early.

Q.59 What would you do if a big deal has to done and you have to take the responsibility how would you take it ?

Ans. The best way to grow and to overcome obstacles is to take responsibility, and I look forward to that, although I know that many people don’t. When leading a project or any sort of deal it is important to have a strong team and set up clear expectations, so I would start with that.

Q.60 How does you day start after waking up ?

Ans. Well, I believe in the power of habits and I like to organise my day. I plan ahead and think of ways how can I improve my productivity and use my time wisely. I am the same professionally as I am in my private life. That means that my day usually starts with hygiene and workout, but also with self reflection.

Q.61 What is your core competency ?

Ans. I believe my biggest values lies in my dedication, I can evaluate myself and the times where I performed on the highest levels were the times where I was very dedicated. This comes from the support and respect I got from my colleagues and my superiors. I am hopeful that this will also be the case in this company.

Q.62 Which engagement activities would you suggest ?

Ans. It is not easy to create a strong team that will have a bond and mutual respect and commitment. If that doesn’t happen on its own it is best to include some engagement activities. It is suggested to do a couple of different ones, so everyone would find something they like. It is also recommendable to do them both in the office and outside. I would start with small team building exercises, I would give them out special tasks to do in teams or in pairs, and create a safe environment for sharing. It is recommendable to try to get the team to bond over something important to them, so perhaps you can start by doing some humanitarian work, something completely non related to the office.

Q.63 What makes you worth to be hired by our organisation?

Ans. When it comes to employees, their biggest worth comes from their loyalty and dedication. This creates encouraged behaviours and actions, such as taking initiative. But the core of all of this is motivation. I am very eager to work for your company, and that will create all the other necessary benefits .

Q.64 What retention strategy would you recommend ?

Ans. There are various ways to keep employees in a company but I believe asking for feedback and acting upon it are the most important ones. This way you can avoid the long exit interviews about issues, because you will already be aware of all of those issues, and equipped to handle them.

Q.65 Do you consider yourself successful ?

Ans. I think the measure of success is subjective, it differs with every person you meet. But to answer your questions, yes, I consider myself successful. I struggled my way through college and finding a job at first but after all the experiences that I’ve had, I can say that I’m successful in the way that I’ve dealt with all the problems I encountered and how I managed to get through them

Q.66 Why did you choose to leave job so frequently ?

Ans. Looking at my resume it might seem that I jumped ship too soon. But, in this case it was very easy to realise that I wasn’t a good fit for this company, nor that this company would be good for it. It was a mutual agreement because I wasn’t ready to steal the opportunity for someone who would appreciate it, while being unhappy myself.

Q.67 Tell me about a time that you participated in a team, what was your role?

Ans. In my current company, we have what we call, an engagement team. We are tasked to think execute programs for the employees to be more involved with the company. We had this big event for the company’s anniversary and my task was to get all the responses from the employees whether they will be able to join the programs or not. I made a spreadsheet of all the teams in the department and all the employees under respective teams, sent out an email blast with an RSVP form, and updated the list for those who will be able to join. I was able to do the job successfully.

Q.68 Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a co-worker who wasn’t doing his/her fair share of the work. What did you do and what was the outcome?

Ans. Dealing with situations like this is always difficult, but just because something makes us awkward and uneasy, that doesn’t mean that we should avoid it. Problems like this never go away on their own. My first step would me to openly and directly talk to my colleague. If there is no change after the feedback, I would inform the superior. This is precisely what I had to do in my last job, and it wasn’t easy, but I got the results I wanted.

Q.69 Is family important or the job important ?

Ans. Personally, I think both job and family are important. I feel like a person will not be able to fully enjoy life if he or she does not have a family. But, one needs to have a job in order to fufill the needs of the family and to be able to live comfortably. I also believe that having a job makes one live a purposeful life. It acts as a motivation to strive harder, to explore, and to better oneself.

Q.70 How would you handle a employee dispute ?

Ans. In any conflict situation that happens at work it is important to leave the emotions aside. You should look at it as a strictly professional decision and evaluate both sides. In the end, it is necessary for a judgement call to be made and HR should never be afraid to do so.

Q.71 How many years would be able to work in this company ?

Ans. I don’t think anyone can answer that question with certainty, all I can see is that I am not interested in job hopping and would like to have a more permanent role in your company. I believe that if I invest my time and energy as an employer, you will do the same for, since I am a part of your company. This, in turn, will make me stay longer.

Q.72 What are your future aspirations ?

Ans. One of my goals for my career is to become an HR Executive. Ever since I started working, I have always wanted to work in the HR field and I see myself progressing and staying in this industry for a long time. I want to eventually become an HR Executive or an HR Director, where I get to work with the CEO to implement some changes or improvements to the whole organization.

Q.73 Tell me something about yourself your favourite HR policy ?

Ans. My favourite HR policy is a difficult question but I think I enjoy referral program the most. It enables employees to take part in the hiring process and the company to get new and motivated employees for a cheaper price of recruitment. In addition, employees get rewarded, which is a great incentive.  


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We will keep adding popular hr interview questions to this list. Hope above will give you some idea or guidance on how to answer. The idea is not to take up exact same answer as it may not fit an individual hence it important to introspect and be clear on experience you have to come out with something relevant to your personality. The interviewer in HR round wants to know mostly about your personality and how you gel well with team and most importantly how do you fit into the organisational culture. Hence it is also important to go through company’s website and check out their mission and vision , values page and see if you are also aligned with same. HR is not mostly a rejection round but they want to see a company employee fit. Prepare well and remember you Must Move On !


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Hope the above will help you in preparing for JavaScript interviews.