Nursing Interview Questions

Being a nurse is not for everyone. You must be able to deal with people who could quite possibly be going through the worst time of their lives. You need to be patient, resilient and a thick skin in order to be able to manage them. Nursing is, of course, one of the most rewarding professions out there, you get to be part of the drama and the rush that you can only get while helping others. Being a nurse is the true calling of many people, but getting the first job in the field can be difficult. You will need to go through an interview where you get bombarded with many nursing interview questions. Being prepared for the exact type of nursing interview questions you will be asked will improve your chances of getting hired.

Nursing is a quite sensitive profession because it deals with life directly. This is why to be given a chance to be a nurse in a hospital you will need to undergo some quite intensive nursing interview questions. This is the very reason you should prepare well when going for such interview.

How to prepare for nursing interview

  • You should know where the interview will be taking place

This is the very first thing you should check out. It can be very frustrating to realize on material day of interview that you actually don’t know where the interview will be taking place. This situation can leave you really confused so the first thing to ever do is to find out the real location where the interview will be taking place. You can even pass by just to make sure that it is the same place you know, font just assume everything is fine.

  • Learn about the hospital.

Well, this is quite important, you should do your research well and gather all the information you can get about the hospital you intend to go working there. You should know that interviewers like asking that question in particular just to know if you are curious enough about the place of work you want to join. You should at least know their motto, vision and mission including their core values. With this kind of information you will be very confident about the interview and the answering of the questions.

  • Sleep enough.

This is very important thing to do prior to your interview, according to medics, sleep is very important to keep your minds sober and also prevent on from getting too much anxious. This will keep you calm before during and after the interview. Feeling fresh and clear in mind will help you a lot in responding to question in a very sober way.

  • Get prepared for questions

That is an inevitable part of the interview, you must go through questioning first so it is good to prepare early so that you don’t get everything to be surprising, you can check some of nursing interview questions that I will be giving in this article.

If you are just about to go for a nursing interview and you are stuck, you just don’t know what the interviewers might ask then you are in the right place. Below the most common nursing interview questions have been discussed along with their answers.

1. Why did you choose to be a nurse?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions during an interview. The administrators are trying to gauge your passions and dedication to the job. Nursing is a job that requires you to deal with frustration, fear, and hardships throughout the career, you must be able to handle them to be a good nurse.

Ans. I’ve been wanting to be a nurse ever since I saw my grandfather being cared for by one. The job requires you to comfort, help and educate people in need. I will be able to personally help so many people, and my presence will be a comfort for them. I want to make my life have some impact on the world, and by being a nurse I will be able to help a lot of people whose lives will be different if not for me.

2. What is your greatest skill as a nurse?

Being a nurse means you need to be versatile and have a variety of skills to be able to handle and help patients. This question lets you showcase your best skill and show the administrator what makes you different from all the other candidates. It is crucial that you analyze yourself before the interview and get give solid examples of your unique skill set.

Ans. I believe my greatest skill is listening to patients and being able to comfort them. Patients tend to be ignored and that hurts them very much. I have worked with patients for the past 6 years and I know that they appreciate people lending them an ear more than anything else. Listening to patients comforts them, at the same while provides you with information that you can use to comfort them. In the last hospital I worked, I conducted a training program that taught all the other nurses on how to develop their listening skills.

3. How would you handle the stress that is quite constant in this job?

Nursing is a profession that is incredibly stressful. It is a high stakes profession with irritable customers, so one must be able to deal with the stress in order to be a functioning nurse. The employer needs to know that you will be able to deal with the stress and won’t break down in the middle.

Ans. The best way to deal with stress is through organization and meticulous attention to detail. By planning and knowing what are the things I need to get done and in what order will help me get through the day will ensure that I don’t get overwhelmed. This lets me stay calm and in control when something unexpected happens and I have to rise to the occasion.

4. How good are you in cooperating and working with other nurses and doctors?

A nurse would have to interact with other nurses, doctors and family members of the patient all day long. You must be good at interacting with others in order to pursue nursing and the administrators want to know your capabilities.

Ans. I am extremely comfortable working with other nurses and doctors. Cooperation and proper communication between the team are crucial in providing quality patient care. I really like working in a team as I will be able to discover new ideas that I would not have thought on my own. I am also able to interact with the family of patients, helping set them at ease and informing them of what is happening in layman terms. While I am good at working in a team, that does not mean I cannot work alone. I am great at self-motivation and will be able to take on any task you assigned me single-handedly.

5. What do you consider to be the hardest part of being a nurse?

This is a very critical question. They want to know what will be the hardest part of the job for you and how you cope up with it.

Ans.  I find that the hardest part of being a nurse is when I am unable to help a patient. While my oath is to treat a patient medically to the best of my capabilities, sometimes there is just nothing I can do. When a patient looks at me for a solution and I have none, I feel completely hopeless and depressed. Knowing that there is nothing I can do to help an ailing patient is one of the most difficult things I have had to deal with. I became a nurse so that I can help people, thus it is very hard for me when I am not able to do anything to help a patient.

6. Why do you aspire to become nurse?

The interviewer wants to know whether you are passionate about your job or not, also they want to know what your motivation is; the possible answer will look like below.

From my very tender age I was passionate about taking care of life, I always wanted to take care of those who were injured which were basically pets and I was much concerned too about the human life, from that point I realize that my passion was nursing and that is why I went for it even without a second thought. Another thing that motivated me is my aunt who is a nurse, she gets quite excited when she helps a person,  I get inspired and wanted to feel that fulfillment when I help people to get back to their health.

7. Can you say something about yourself?

When the interviewer asks about this question, they want to know how confident you are with your profession. Talk a little about you success and your achievements, don’t overdo it though.

I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person when it comes to dealing with people. I have quite good communication skills and job oriented. In have been in this field for the last three years have been actively involved in patient care programs in my former hospital and played a part bigger part which saw the hospital being named as the best hospital in offering services. For this reason I have build my confidence in helping people to get their medical help.

8. Why did you leave your previous hospital?

The interviewer here wants to know what is the main purpose for you wanting the job. You can give a response like this one depending on your reasons.

I worked well and really liked my previous hospital despite of some few challenges that were not hard to deal with. The problem was that I had to migrate to this town so I had to lose that job. Then I looked for a new one in the nearest hospital and that had to be here.

9. What is your motivation to be in nursing field?

What motivates me most is the relief of my patients, I get a fulfillment I cannot explain when my clients gets help and positively improve, this motivates me because i8 know am doing something that is of importance and the results are being seen.


While these answers will surely help you get through the interview, it is crucial that you have confidence in yourself. It is not hard to prepare for the interview, so spend some time before you go to the interview to ensure that you are prepared.

To sum up this, it is very important to know that nursing interviews can be very difficult if you take them lightly. You will need to make good prior arrangements for the interview. Make sure you are going through all nursing interview questions just to get familiar with what the interviewer will ask. Another thing is that you should be able to polite during the interview even if you are having bad moods. Finally as an interviewee you should be able to maintain eye contact to your employed during the interview, this will show that you are confident to take up the job for yourself.

Nursing Interview Questions And Answers PDF

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Nursing Interview Questions & Answers PDF

Hope the above will help you in preparing for Nursing interviews.