Power BI Interview Questions

Microsoft BI is very popular and its popularity always keep on growing and this is definitely because of a good reason. One of the reason why it is very popular is the fact that is it is a self-service business and most importantly because it is free. It does an elegant job when it comes to combining power analytics with a user interface that is very friendly. It has remarkable visualization capabilities and it is definitely one of the best BI tools that is out of there.

Telecommunications, manufacturing and retail are just but a few areas where power BI training can be handy. It is not very complicated and even small companies that do not have IT experts can make use of it. If you already have a the power BI certification and you just got an interview for a job position, preparing yourself in advance with some of the most asked power bi interview questions will be a very smart move. In this article we have prepared you with some the most asked questions during the power BI interviews and if you equip yourself with the answers, you stand a higher chance of passing the interview. Check them out.

1. What are the formats that power BI is available in?

Answer: Power BI s available in different formats and they include the following:

  • Power BI desktop that is for the desktop computers.
  • Power BI services which is for online software as service or commonly known as SaaS.
  • Mobile power BI apps. This format is for the mobile devices that uses android like most smart phones or the ones that use iOS like the iPhone.

The formats of bi can be used in conjunction and giving an example is that you can create a report on your desktop computer and then go ahead to share it online so that your colleagues who are using mobile devices can be able to read it.

2. State and explain the building blocks of Power BI ?

Answer : Below is an explanation of buidling blocks of power bi :

  • A visualization is a visual representation data like a graphs and charts among others.
  • Datasets. A dataset is group of data that can be used to create a visualization for example a column of sales figures. The datasets can also be combined and then filtered from different sources using the built in connectors.
  • This is a group of visualizations that is in on one or more pages. Taking an example, charts, maps and graphs can all be combined in order to come up with a report.
  • Dashboards. A dashboard will enable you to share a one page of visualization with other pages and can then interact with your dashboard.
  • A title is a visualization that is on your dashboard or on your report. When you are the creator you can be sure of moving tiles around.

3. What are the components of the power BI toolkit and what do they do?

Answer : Components of power bi toolkit are :

  • Power query. The power query will let you discover, access as well as consolidate information from different sources.
  • Power pivot. The power pivot is a modelling tool.
  • Power view. The power view is simply a presentation too that is used to create the visualizations such as the graphs, charts and tables among many others.
  • Power map. The power map will allow you to create the general representation of the data you have.
  • Power Q&A. this component will let you use natural language in order to get answers to some questions. For example you can get the answer to a question like what were the total sales made last week?

4. What is a content pack and why would you want to use one?

Answer : A content pack is a ready-made collection of visualizations that are predefined as well as reports using the service of your choosing life for example salesforce. You would use one when you prefer getting up quickly instead of creating the report from scratch.

5. Describe DAX.

Answer : DAX is the short form for data analysis expressions and it is a collection of functions, operators, and constants that are used in formulas in order to calculate as well as return values. In simpler words DAX helps you create new information from your existing data.

6. List and explain the fundamental concepts of DAX.

DAX has 3 fundamental concepts of DAX and they are:

  • Syntax is how the formula is written i.e. the elements that comprises it. The syntax do contain functions like SUM which is used when you want to add some figures. And if the syntax is not correct then you are going to receive the syntax error message.
  • Functions. Functions that are formulas used for specific values which are also known as arguments. The function formulas are used in a certain order to perform a calculation and it is more of the same like the functions in excel. The categories that are normally found in the functions concept are time, date/time, text, parent/child, statistical, and logical as well as mathematical among other categories.
  • The context normally has two types, the filter context and row context. Each time a formula has a function that applies to filters in order to identify a single row in a table, then a row context will come into play. And when one or more filters are applied in calculation that is used to determine a value or result then the filter context is going to come to play.

7. Why and how would you use a custom visual file?

You can use a custom visual file if the prepackaged files you have do not fit your business needs. The customer visual file are normally created by developers and you can be sure to import them as well as use them in a similar way you would use the prepackaged files.

8. What are the categories of data types?

Answer : Below are the categories of the data types :

  • Database
  • Azure
  • Power BI.
  • Online services.
  • File


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Power BI Interview Questions & Answers PDF

Hope the above will help you in preparing for power bi interviews.