Teacher Interview Questions With Answers

The process of becoming a teacher has become more and more intricate. Most schools conduct an interview filled with questions that are meant to gauge you. Properly answering the teacher interview questions is crucial to get selected for the job.

Interviews are inevitable if you will have to get to any formal job, you will always go through an interview. This is not some kind of elimination by employers as some people would think of it; there is more purpose of carrying out interviews in the perspective of the possible employer.  In my very first interview I used to over think, I thought the employer was looking for perfection, for this reason, I majored on my flaws and lost confidence and in interviews when you lack confidence you cannot go through so automatically I failed, in the progressive interview, I secured my first job, not because I was the best among hundreds of people who showed up, but I was just confident, that’s all, I guess that’s what the employer was looking for.

In teaching profession, just like any other job you will be required to go through an interview just to confirm that you are the person best for the job. There are a few things you will need to keep in mind before you go for an interview. It is not all about the qualifications only; you will need to prepare well for the questioning.



How to prepare for a teaching interview

  • Find all information about the school you are intending to teach.

This is very important in an interview; you will have to get all the available information about the school that you are going for an interview to, it is important because the interviewers will want to know if you know anything about the school. This can give you an upper hand in your interview.

  • Prepare for some question.

It is definite that there are going to be questions. Interview is all about questions because for you even to express yourself you will have been asked questions. You should expect challenging questions that will need critical thinking before you respond to them. Most of the question might about your previous experience in that line of job, the challenges you have encountered and how you dealt with them. Your behaviour will also be questioned. You should check out the sample teacher interview questions that we will be covering in this article.

  • Make your portfolio.

You will need to get your resume in order and update it in case of any changes, you can always make a comparison with someone who is a professional in that particular area. Put in place all your documents early enough to avoid rushing, finally you can carry along some of the sample work you have done in other schools like lesson plans among other things.

  • Have your philosophy about teaching

Your employer would definitely want to know what you believe when it comes to teaching and which methods you can employ to achieve the best results. How best do you think you can handle the class? How will you deal with misconducts of students in class? These are the possible teacher interview questions you may be asked and so you will need to prepare well.

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Below some of the common teacher interview questions have been answered. While these answers will help you, it is not the whole picture. You need to control your nerves and be confident when you are answering the questions posed by them. Doing a little research and understanding the philosophy of the school will go a long way in helping you get the job. Below are some of the common teacher interview questions and possible answers you can give to them.



1. Why did you want to become a teacher?

This is one of the most common questions in teacher interviews. The administration is trying to gauge your motivation towards the job.

Sample answer

Until I was in my third grade, I had a lot of trouble reading. Then, my fourth-grade teacher, Ms.Ellen came into my life, she introduced all of the students to an amazing list of short stories and poems. She was able to open my eyes to the amazing world of books and since then I have read thousands of books on a variety of subjects. Ms. Ellen was pivotal in changing my life. From then on, I had known that I too wanted to provide tools for kids that lasted their lifetimes, just like her.

2. How will you integrate technology into your classroom?

Technology has conquered every field on the planet. Technology aided classrooms are more interesting and engaging. Thus many schools want to know how you will use technology to aid your teaching methods.

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Sample answer

With the aid of technology, I can make the class more interesting and engaging. The internet ensures that any information we need is at our fingertips. Thus the students will be able to research deep into any topic that interests you. Smartboards and powerpoint presentations can make lessons more interactive. However, it is crucial that as a Teacher I ensure that the students are protected from the negative impacts of the internet.

3. Why should we hire you?

To answer this question it is crucial that you research about the school and know what are their needs and teaching philosophies. A possible answer has been provided for a school that wants to integrate technology into their classrooms.

Sample answer

I understand that you are working towards integrating technology into your classroom. I had to deal with the same challenge in my previous school. Due to my prior knowledge in the use of technology, I was able to properly set up online quizzes for the whole school. The students loved the quizzes and it also reduced the load on administrative processing. I believe I can do the same here with a few improvements.


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4. How would you handle classroom discipline?

Discipline is one of the most important parts of an effective classroom. This question is asked so that the administrators can know how you will maintain discipline in your classroom.

Sample answer

Being angry in class is not only an ineffective way of disciplining the class but also has a negative effect on the learning environment of the classroom. My method involves me being firm with the students, but ill never be harsh or show anger to the students. For pupils with chronic discipline disorders, I will keep them occupied with a variety of classroom activities so that their excess energy is used in a productive way.

5. How would you make the classroom a fun and interactive experience for the students?

A student who is happy is more likely to understand the subject better and the knowledge will be retained for a long time. A happy student is important in the modern education system.

Sample answer

A fun and lighthearted class is the modern way of teaching. This method ensures that the students find their subjects much easier to understand and retain in their memory. Telling a funny anecdote related to the subject once in a while helps keep the class calm and happy while not diverting from the topic. I use many fun methods like skits, documentaries and plays to keep the classroom engaged. These techniques help my students gain a genuine interest in the subject.