As per Forbes machine learning will be one of the hottest skills of 2020-2021. Machine learning is becoming the sought after area for its various applications in any business area. It can be defined as the application of different algorithms on the big amount of data to derive actionable & meaningful insights. Some of the applications of machine learning can be :

  1. eCommerce: Using massive data, derive the buying patterns of the buyers, or give powerful recommendations to increase business sales.
  2. Operations: Use artificial intelligence and machine learning on operations data such as CPU utilization, memory resource, etc. to automate and provide touchless support
  3. Marketing: Use advertisements data to come out with a recommended campaign content using machine learning to increase the click-through rates.

Above were some of the applications and it can be applied to literally any area where data is available.

It is really important as developers who want to make their career in machine learning, to understand the basics. Once the basic concepts are clear, users can actually go for advanced learning. You should also do a few projects on machine learning to get a solid grasp. A good beginning would be to start on Kaggle.

Below are some of the top courses available to understand and even get a certification. This certification can also be added on linked for someone to notice!

Top 10 Machine Learning Courses

The machine learning courses listed below are from various websites such as Coursera, Udemy, EdX, LinkedIn Learning, Udacity, etc. The courses are from well-renowned universities and teachers hence any course below will be a value add for you. Here is the list :

1. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng, Stanford University On Coursera

This is one of the most liked courses of all time and also the best. This course has a rating of 4.9/5 and whopping 140k+ ratings. The course has been enrolled by almost over 3.4 Million+ people.  The course spans across 11 weeks and provides a good mix of theory. Click below to learn more :

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2. Machine Learning With Big Data, University of California, SanDiego On Coursera

This popular course has a rating of 4.6+ and is taught by two instructors, Mai Nguyen & Illkay Altintas. They have together taught about 380k+ students which is a very big number. This course is offered by the University of California, San Diego. 46k+ students have already enrolled for this course. This course will take about 5 weeks to complete. Click below to learn more :

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3. Art & Science Of Machine Learning By Google Cloud

This is offered by Google hence this course has very high credibility. The course has a rating of 4.6 and has been enrolled by 13k+ students. This course is part of their Google Cloud Platform Specialization as well. This is a 3-week course with online learning as well as some hands-on practice exercises. At the end of the course, you can also earn a certification.

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4. Data Science: Machine Learning by Harvard University On Edx

This course is created by the prestigious Harvard University. The course is taught by Rafael Irizarry who is a professor of Biostatistics at Harvard University. The course has been enrolled already by 262,343 students which is great. This course will take about 8 weeks with 2-3 hours of minimal effort. You can also get a certificate by paying a nominal fee after the completion of the course. Click below to learn more :

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5. Machine Learning With Python by IBM On Edx & Coursera

This course is a practical oriented approach to machine learning using Python. It is recommended to know at least basic Python skills before you enroll in this course. It is an excellent course for those who really want to do a hands-on approach. This course is taught by Saeed Aghabozorgi, who is a Sr Data scientist with IBM.

This course has been enrolled by 76k on EdX and 153k students on Coursera. The average ratings for this course are 4.7 which is great. Click below to learn more :

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6. Machine Learning Fundamentals by UCSanDiego On Edx

80k+ students have enrolled in this course making it to our top 10 list of machine learning courses.  This course is taught by Sanjoy Dasgupta who is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego. It will take about 8 weeks to finish off this course with an effort estimate of 8-10 hours a week. You can learn this for free while you have to pay a nominal fee for getting a certification. Click below to learn more :

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7. Intro To Machine Learning with TensorFlow From Udacity

This is a nano degree program by Udacity where you will learn step by step the foundations of machine learning. The course will cover both supervised as well as unsupervised learning models. The only prerequisite to this course is Python. Without Python’s basic understanding, it will be difficult to get along with the course.

In terms of timelines, it will take about 3 months to complete the entire course including the hands-on assignments.

This course is in collaboration with AWS & Kaggle.

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8. Apply Creative Machine Learning By UAL Creative Computing Institue On Future Learn

This is one of the good machine learning course which takes a different approach. This has been developed by UAL creative computing institute and pays emphasis to hands-on examples. The prerequisites of the course is a basic understanding of HTML, Javascript & programming language as well.

The duration for this course is about 4 weeks wherein weekly only 2-3 hours are required to learn. This course can be taken for free hence go ahead & join.

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9. Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Decision Trees On LinkedIn Learning

This is one of the popular machine learning courses on LinkedIn. It was released in March 2017 and about 36,000 people have seen this course which is a big number.  The course is presented by Keith McCormick who is an independent data miner, trainer, speaker, and author.

Its a beginner course and will take about 1 hour, 17 mins of your time to go through basic concepts. With this course you will also get hands-on exercises, quizzes, etc. so that you fully utilize the course. You can go through the course for free and also get a certificate towards the end for a nominal fee.

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10. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning On Linkedin Learning

It is also one of the popular courses on LinkedIn with whopping 108,000 viewers. It has to be good!

This course is taught by Doug Rose who teaches Fortune 500s and next-gen project management professionals how to be agile and lead change.

This course is divided into 6 chapters of concepts and quizzes and gives you practical insights into the application of machine learning in reality. A must-see course!

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